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6 Ft Under

by Digital Alchemist 145 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

There was definitely a mistaken identity and a great homage to Taken that tightened the script. Overall an ok film.

My one big issue with this film was the middle - going from one location to another and back again really added nothing to the story. It's a decent short, nonetheless, with a poke at Taken that's very well handled.

Default Avatar Datsatastyfilm

The Taken gag was really funny, but I agree with the other reviewers, moving location was disjointing and unnecessary. Maybe I missed something but the motivations of the characters were a little unclear. Was still a pretty enjoyable film.

Default Avatar Nick Depree

Not bad, but it didn't stand out . I didn't care for the taken gag as much as the others, it lead to quite an abrupt ending, although the kid's line was funny. Could have used more explanation of why he was taken (who was he supposed to be?) or some reason to buy the guys as ruthless criminals or to believe they would kill the kid.

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