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Sleep Shepherds

by Dust Boot 727 views


Default Avatar Katherine Wright

Loved the puppets, very cute, was a great memorable story

Default Avatar

Love the animated doodles that goes along with the musical. Could tell they've invested a considerable amount of time and effort in making sure the puppets + background set holds up on a big screen. Too bad there was a bit of sound/music hiccup half-way through the film(crew background sound and missing music on the music box section). Otherwise all-in-all, a very easy-to-watch cutesy musical puppet film.

Sock puppets again, which I loved last year, focused on two who have been dispatched at the same time to put a newborn infant to sleep. This gives them the opportunity for some comic banter and also framework to sing. I liked the opening original song, but Ba Ba Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as your other main songs to carry the film were a bit surprising to say the least. There also appeared to be a couple of technical glitches such as crew sound being clearly heard on at least one take. In my opinion it needed more original music.

Default Avatar Alicezaleya

loved the sock puppets and the cinematography! Awesome story, very funny of course, fell a bit shorter than last years but still a great short

Default Avatar Anne.Sellors

Considering the number of people involved. This single location skit was fairly unambitious. I loved the music box.

Needed more original songs - singing existing nursery rhymes doesn't count sorry. The puppet shadows were distracting for me, I thought the lighting change at the end would have been a better light level to have used throughout. It was a bit tacky in my view, reminded me of a kids puppet show where half way in the performers run out of things to do so they bash the puppets into each other in the hope that the kids in the audience will laugh. And don't get me started on the suggestion that a hammer is an appropriate tool with which to induce sleep!

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