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by zombierednecktorturefamily 190 views


This team landed the trickiest genre and did some great work in putting together original songs to fit their story. If they had concentrated on less songs and a little more plot then the film might have stood out more. Nonetheless, it was nice to see that clear work went into getting all their elements into the film

Default Avatar Sam Smith

I will forever have nightmares about white bodied creatures with silver boxes for heads. Music great, singing not-so-much, but a fun film that I enjoyed.

[DQ] To the sound of what very much sounded like an Eagles guitar line, our lead sings that he is prepared to try anything to get to sleep. This works as a framework for others to give him advise/tips such as working out or seeing a shrink. The Daft Punk style dance-off was definitely the highlight as unfortunately the team did not have any great singers; good choice going with who you did as he was the best of the bunch.

Default Avatar Olga Malakhova

A journey through different styles of music - an amusing take on a tricky genre most of us dread!

You certainly had plenty of lyrics in your songs, maybe a little too much at times. Good idea using the same song to carry things from start to finish, it's just that it wasn't very catchy, sorry. I realise that he was tired and sleepy and this was obviously reflected through that song. Sound was a bit up and down at times although reasonably well in sync. Thought the "self relief" scene wasn't necessary.

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