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The Lost Samurai

by Shomingeki 106 views


The Lost Samurai - An interesting one this. They had captured some good basic elements of setup for the story, and being Musical had somewhat of a challenge on their hands. Some shots were missing the peow factor for me, but they did hit the genre on the head and executed a basic story line which made perfect sense. I would have liked to seen the actors loosen up and express themselves more as the performance was very flat.

Default Avatar Kestar75

Well done guys in competing this year.

Good effort team. Always a hard genre to do keep up the good work!!

I liked some of the cinematography choices e.g. the B&W with red on the TV although you needed to use a solid tripod shot for that so that the TV frame didn't move while the on-screen image stayed static (better yet, use a second camera hooked up to the TV to play the image rather than putting it in at edit time). The lyrics were good but the music rhythm pretty much stay on one level throughout, rather than rising and falling more with the storyline. Good attempt with trying to make one set of stairs look like many, if you had changed the camera angles while the hero was climbing them we might have been more fooled. Well done for sticking strongly to the genre.

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