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Android and Friend

by Eth Club Theven 233 views


Default Avatar IMCO

Cool, fun story, I liked the dilemma of the conflicted robot, the card slot was awesome. Loved the actors doing their own sound effects. I didn't get the end of the story though - maybe needs another viewing. Visually good but there were some sound issues.

Just saw this in the Screening Room. I thought this film was very clever. I enjoyed the humor, the cheesiness and terrible quality only added to it's hilarity. The sound was god awful, but I didn't mind. I lol'ed when the human shoved the card up his ass. lol. I must also ask, did the girl on the bike really get to see his junk? LOL Anyway dudes rock on, hope you win your regionals hahaha

Umm ... don't know where to start with this one. The sound was just terrible. There were stray arms and legs and cellphones in shot towards the end, along with crew voices. He's naked from the waist down when the bike comes along then he asks for clothes but he's already wearing pants in that same shot. Too many visible copyrighted beer logos and I spent a lot of time looking at the static clock on the wall and wondering if it was consistent throughout.

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