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by Team Cromwell 287 views


Default Avatar PhysicsLuva101

Let me start by saying that this was not much of a Cyborg movie ,and it was disappointing we didn't get to experience the mother as a cyborg at all in the film. The acting from the daughter as she was crying was superb. The cuts from the hospital to the lake with the native healer were unclear as to their purpose for the storyline. The set was realistic and compelling. (Was that a real hospital?!) I absolutely loved the traditional Maori parts as this is something so unique to New Zealand. I really would have liked to see a stronger storyline, because you have a really good idea here, i just don't feel that it came across as well as it could have. (a bit more back story needed maybe?) I realize that your team was new to film making and i think you have truly made a superb effort.

Default Avatar Kryss

I really enjoyed the lovely shots by the lake, unfortunately I felt the narrative was not too clear. I couldn't hear the dialogue too well which caused my confusion with the story. The film could have done well with more use of the genre. Other than that, nice effort =)

Unfortunately the biggest issue here is sound, and it affected everything else. I had very little idea what was going on for a lot of the film because I couldn't understand dialogue. This is a pity as it seemed like this would explore some really interesting ethical questions about whether to turn a human into a cyborg etc. There were also some truly beautiful shots, such as the vignetted scenes by the lake. Some good acting was evident - really the only serious issue with this short was the sound, and it was a pity that it had such a huge effect on the rest of the movie. I would give a higher rating, but I needed a better understanding of what going on.

Major sound issues with your film unfortunately (but I'm sure you knew that) and I was unable to hear the dialog and follow the film. There was some great cinematography and the lighting at that tree was amazing. Pity about your sound but good luck for the rest of the competition.

The sound was the major issue here, couldn't really follow what was going on. If you're entering again next year (which I hope you do) just keep in mind that your eyes are much more forgiving than your ears. There were some nice shots though down at the beach.

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