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Drama Queen

by Man over the fence 107 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

An XYZ News reporter telsl us that Vic Meyer is none other than the missing queen! Now, Vic has disappeared but the reporter remains committed to her story. A pretty fair crack at presenting a faux-news item. The lower thirds looked great, as did the XYTV News graphics. Shame then that the studio setting was a bit budget by comparison. The reporter did a great job carrying the film, even if she may have been a tiny bit young for the role. Brent Morrison turns up in this one as well as the studio host and does exactly what you'd expect in the role again adding nice touches of humour. Next time watch your audio levels as some sound was a bit loud. Nice work!

Nice lighting on the opening shot. Nice audio on the dialogue. Reporter did a great job. Hilarious "And then she said to me" bit. Waiting for a mate bit was excellent. Did not expect that ending. Pretty funny. Credits were excessive but somehow funny for that reason.

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