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by Tanning Squad 177 views


Default Avatar RiverFelix

I didn't really like this one, it was very tedious and didn't make a lot of sense. It had great production values even though the encode was a bit crap and It sort of feels like this film could have done with a few re-writes before going into production. That said the security camera stuff with the car parking was very good, in fact, I'll add a star just for the parking scenes.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Vic watches an android through his security camera, making her do predetermined actions. Could have been cut down a bit in editing and still told the same story

Default Avatar Willdabeast

Great location. Good comedy elements. The story had great potential but wasn't pulled off. Best tired acting of the night.

I didn't quite get this film. Agree with others, the parking scenes made me chortle. Also the putting on of helmets to take the elevator made me laugh too. Loved the keyboard prop. Didn't quite understand the story though and not sure if that's because maybe I missed some key parts due to sound/lighting issues.

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