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Sleep Clinic

by dr jeckyll 2,485 views


Wow. A mind-blowing trip of a film, worthy of repeat viewings. Great ending. I loved their short last year... this one was even better.

Default Avatar me myself and i

This film was a definite head trip. The shining highlight of this heat. Full marks for creativity of story, sketches and the amazing music and lyrics. A strong contender for the finals.

Default Avatar filmchick1987

I found this movie WAY too weird and pointless. It was one strange punchline after another, rather than an absorbing story. It was impressive how they managed to do animation and music though - well done guys!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This was another very well drawn animation in the same style as last years. The songs were almost as disturbing as the visuals depicting what the songs were saying (not because of bad singing, just the content). Was definitely a hit with the audience. A very explicit and well made film though and definitely deserved to be one of the audience favourites.

Default Avatar SBene

Clever and unique, the story is brilliant and the rhyming pure genius. Your team did a great job!

Default Avatar annemarie

Well animated but it was a bit too weird for my liking. The rhymes were well written though.

Default Avatar auckfilmbuff

A creative film that was enjoyed by the audience. I enjoyed it more towards the end and appreciated the clever writing in the lyrics. Good stuff

Default Avatar mitm

I still reckon musical is one of the most difficult genres but this was excellent in execution. I can see why some people thought it was too weird but all these bizarre lines and visuals as kinda told from the mind of an insomniac was so clever. And I enjoyed the way it was built up. Music also suited the style, proving you don't have to be an amazing singer to pull off an excellent musical. I kind of wonder if you were driven mad by late night animations and that's how the film got so twisted in it's development, but if so it worked well for you in the end! Well done.

Default Avatar yayandowo

I really don't get what the big deal is here. This is a CARTOON. The average episode of tom and jerry is more twisted and pointless and wierd... let alone ren and stimpy or what ever else is just six o clock television.

Default Avatar Qixote

Great. Very original.

Default Avatar cassiebaker

I thought this was brilliantly executed and I loved how twisted it got towards the end... Clever use of rhythm- I felt as if i was in a trance throughout this..

Default Avatar Barry_Norman Great rhymin' though.

Default Avatar Crawford Hannah

I really didn't love this as much as everyone else seemed to. I thought this was style over substance. It has a great visual style but the minimalistic plot just didn't sit right with me. Needed some more twists and turns although I did like the ending.

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