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Backup \ Restore

by zer05um 1,113 views


Default Avatar Lsgreen

Tough theme, too easily taken seriously, unfortunately taken too seriously. This one I remembered best for the potential girl/girl kiss in the final scene which never happened. Poor form. Three stars.

Default Avatar Snoopy123

Tricky Genre but some good visual effects and prosthetics helped to make the film entertaining. The storyline was a little bit confusing but it came right in the end. Good effort in such a little time. Nice Intro. :)

Default Avatar No Symbols

Looks very good, although clearly some tech issues. Sticks nicely to genre and makes no nods to the viewer - plays the cyberpunk angle pretty straight. Great music and a good range of FX and makeup. Solid work.

Default Avatar V TV

Good attempt at a difficult genre- unfortunately, it started off on a different track to where it finished, which was confusing. Sorta started to understand it part-way through, but only to the extent of "oh, so now they need to get the neck-chip--card-thing to bring her back". May have been easier to understand with more concise dialogue, I wanted to know why we were seeing what we were seeing. Why was she shot in the first place? However, well done on the FX (nice specs) and costume and makeup etc. Possibly overused, but hey. It's a robot movie. Edited well- a bit slow in places, and nice music which was very loud, which hurt. Bloody great effort, especially with Robot/Cyborg/Android. We do not envy you. Better luck next year ;)

Hard genre to work with, so well done on getting a story out! Although the music drowned out most of the dialogue, and the middle of the film was a bit convoluted, the ending tied the story together well. Fun cheesy VFX made me smile.

Default Avatar Renae

The idea was great. Maybe if the editors had more time to edit and fix the errors it could have had more potential.

To be honest, this was my least favorite film. I really do appreciate all the effort that went into the effects area of this movie but for some reason all the effects are what turned me off it.

Default Avatar ardman

The story actually wasn't bad. Cyber punk is very hard to do in 48 hours if not impossible. The effects were OK, actress was smiling all the time. Pictures were good but music too loud for the voice.

Default Avatar mky300

Great special effects, although I thought some of the graphics should have been reversed when viewing the hologram from behind. Very ambitious, but missed a few linking shots that would have made the story flow a lot better.

Default Avatar ross.sheffield5

Zer05um's "Backup/Restore" was an entertaining short with much potential. I thought the visual effects were the best by far and the concept solid, sadly lacking in audio at points though. Beautiful footage and well edited, this made for a very enjoyable watch.

Default Avatar tfjon84

This is, I must say, a nifty little cyberpunk film, with some excellent special effects (especially since they were completed in just two days!) Some interesting camera work and creative scene transitions - not bad at all!

Default Avatar Mark Leonard Kaneko

I feel this movie was really ambitious and only achieved part of what it could have done. I think that the script needed to be edited back to about 2/3 of what was shown and the remaining time spent in aftereffects going even further to give the film a cyberpunk feel. The audio was a bit uneven with the music drowning out the dialogue at times but that may have been the theatre set up. The last scene was great and I think works better for not seeing the kiss.

Default Avatar Gussy

Hard as to do this kinda thing in 48 hours so props to team for trying. Went really fast so I reckon thats a good thing - pace good! Wouldve got higher if all effects done. Better for no kiss LS.

Default Avatar addi

it s hard to belive that this is a 48 hrs short film, the effect is brilliant, the continiuty, the footages and kinds of shots are wonderful.

Default Avatar koroh the geek

SOUND / LOUD EFFECTS / GOOD STORY / OK I thought the film did well given the genre it just took me a little while to understand it but it did make sense not too far from the start. Apart from the sound film made sense overall. Good job.

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