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Somebody Someone Chrltt

11 Reviews


Time Travelling Porn Star

I really wanted to like this film, it looked good, had some nice dolly moves, but unfortunately I just didn't get the story.

The Tenancy

Some dodgy audio in this one, not quite sure what happened there, and unfortunately that didn't help in explaining the story. The little girl was sufficiently creepy for the genre though, and the shots all worked together nicely.

Backup \ Restore

Hard genre to work with, so well done on getting a story out! Although the music drowned out most of the dialogue, and the middle of the film was a bit convoluted, the ending tied the story together well. Fun cheesy VFX made me smile.

One Percent

Great start, could've done with a bit more action, but good watch.

Go Fish

Awesome VFX, but couldn't quite figure out the 'Urban Legend' or story.

Lucky Last

Enjoyed this film, looked great, coherent story. Well done you guys!


Started off great, then faded with very long party scenes that could've been cut by half, liked the twist at the end. Overall, well done.