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Truck and Hose

by Skinny Artists 536 views


Nicky Brick always knew he wanted to be a fireman, but there's no reason to make a song and dance about it is there? Oh well he does it anyway as does the rest of the cast in this decent take on the genre. Unfortunately having bad luck and cooling off situations where burning flames are at hand don't really go together. The action was decent, and music pretty well composed as well. A couple of technical issues with the video skipping, but on the whole looked pretty good. Sah-weet slow mo on the pumpkin with the axe as well. The training montage felt a little generic but it still worked for developing the plot. I understand not coming to your heat if you're DQ but only one person turning up from a team of this size seemed a bit turn your noses up-ish.

Default Avatar Vi from Space Weed Cake

Fire, a truck, lots of people, songs, visual effects... What an ambitious film! The main lead, the cinematography and the editing looked very good to me. And as a whole, the film was quite entertaining but I would have liked it more with fewer jokes and little more coherence in the style and humour.

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