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The Wellington Job

by Mudcrabs 215 views


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It really didn't fit the rom-com genre. It seemed like they were wishing for another genre as they had this whole black-and-white thing going on and almost a heist-type story going stronger than any romance. I did like the twist though!

A bunch of guys have their roles defined very clearly ala Reservoir Dogs for the job that they are about to pull in this film which seems needlessly shot in black and white first of all, but eveything becomes clear as the film progresses. Bit of a double-take film, although our plot development felt underutilised in my book, with far more focus on the 'crime' meaning that the chemistry between the guy and the girl was almost non-existent.

This film's team gave themselves a tricky task of presenting parallel realities in the film. I admired their ambitious efforts and the look of the film helped with that idea. It didn't quite make it as a whole idea, but there was some good work in the film.

it didn't come off like a rom-com more like a film noir crime movie. when the first piece of colour came up i thought oops stuff up. and then i got it. i enjoyed the film and liked the main character but it wasn't in my top three. another well done not disqualified entry

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I liked the visual effects in this movie, but agree with a previous post that it felt like it didn't really fit with the genre. The concept was good and quite well executed. It was also well done pulling of a genuine twist and highlighting it with the change in aesthetics. Good job.

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This Rom Com was hijacked by a Gangster Noir thug and beaten senseless. Admittedly it was an aesthetically pleasing, ambitious Gangster Noir thug.

Silent talky wannabe-noir film.. featuring a bar robbery with an awkward moment.. The visuals were inconsistent.. B&W/Color needs to have solid meaning and how it was all pulled together shot by shot seriously let this flick down.. and acting was just a bit blocky.. relying on talking that didn't come thru well at times.. instead of using cinematic visual/sound to do the same thing.. I would suggest some editing practices to understand the juxtaposition and pacing better and please think if you need all that talking and figure out if you can tell that without using talking that is hard to digest at times especially if there are challenges with sound.. And think of the character development, genre & elements too when writing the script and not just the ending.. and if you want noir you better have all the elements like art direction, costumes etc that make it noir.. simple B&W effect/filter doesn't simply do it and will look cheap... Simple, as possible.

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