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Not One Tear

by Dust Boot 481 views


Default Avatar Nut Cracker

Great idea and very memorable. Loved the puppets and everything about it. Well done!

Default Avatar Vi from Space Weed Cake

Beautiful film! Did you make the puppets ? They are amazingly expressive (even in death :) ). Well done with the genre and the slow motion as well, those two requirements were particularly well used.

What a great short film! Thoroughly enjoyed the humor, puppet work and mini-sets. Perfect ending as well! Outstanding job! Everyone involved should be proud :) It left me with a huge grin on my face. Adam - Colonial Tech

NAILED IT. Like out of the park in my book got your genre absolutely picture-perfect spot on. I've always been a bit of a puppet fan and having watching The Lady from Sockholm earlier this year I was pretty pleased to come across some getting the big screen treatment so spectacularly. Our lead actress feels empty, although they acknowledge that with Hamlet coming up that an opportunity to re-gain their passion for acting may be able to come through. The only problem is that they can't cry. Nicky Brick tries to ignite this passion for them, suggesting a multitude of scenarios that ultimately hit home a lot harder than anyone would care to imagine for our lead. Set design was superb and the puppets were simply beautiful. Not just play with for Sunday school type stuff either. No, this team put a huge amount of effort in with differing facial features to actually convey emotion. Big time payoff to the point where the audience was clapping before the end credits rolled.

Default Avatar meeeeeeeee

"Not One Tear" is an adorable film. The puppets, sets (absolutely loved the graves), voice work and story came together brilliantly to make a film that is simultaneously heartwarmingly-inspirational and hilarious.

Nicely done, guys! a lovely bit of pathos for the genre, and suitably impressive puppetry. Enjoyed this a lot.

Default Avatar Eclipse Entertainment

A very, very good entry and a strong contender for this year's Wellington prize! Amazing puppets, very well made along with some incredible sets, Dust Boot has certainly set a standard! It was enjoyable and very inspirational! Very good job! Hope to see you again next year!

Default Avatar BlueBagel

I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that this film was puppets, the lead puppets voice acting was great. A laugh a second!

Very strong contender for the finals surely! BEAUTIFUL Heartwarming & Engaging inspirational puppets story.. with some teary punch! I truly cared for the characters and their emotions.. and was able to just dive into the story and enjoy the magic of movie story telling throughout of it.. And I really really loved how this story ended with solving the lead's problem bringing the two closer... Technical bits & Execution didn't let this story down either - pleasure to watch & hear: The blending of the real life / sets was just pure greatness, fantastic cinematography & art direction all over the places.. great details everywhere for example the tears were priceless! Music also was perfect for this.. but what was that rain sound at the end? :) btw great use of tilt/shift photography .. or was it done in post? :) As Mr Einstein said it: "Simple as possible"

Default Avatar 48FAN

Great film!!!!! Great story line and characters :)

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