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It's a Dog's Life

by Channel Hoppers 165 views


The film is shown from a dog's perspective initiallly first person and it really does make you feel sympathetic towards them, as their owner inadvertedly neglects them. Of course we realise this is just reality in their rush to work etc. but luckily their actually is some inspirational stuff in this film when said owner has time to spend with their beloved pet. A nice little fence joke really made the film for me

Default Avatar squareeyes

A heartwarming tale seen through the eyes of mans best friend, the family dog. This film utilized various camera angles well. At some points the camera reflects the dogs perceptions as his owner busily gets ready and has a few minor accidents along the way. There were a few hillarious moments as well as touching moments. There were also times in which the camera followed the owner and dog which allowed the audience to see the relationship between man and dog. Both actors human and canine did exceptionally well, their acting naturalistic and understated. The canine stealing the show. This team also picked some stunning locations/sets (e.g on a hill overlooking Wellington, by the beach) which served the film well.

Default Avatar UnderHatter

Inspirational indeed. Simple, well-told through visual rather than dialogue, excellent sight gag with the fence. Perhaps a little too simple?

inspirational piece featuring a dog & the owner that shows us the dog's point of view in contrast to owner's one I really liked the dog point of views especially when the owner came back home with blood in the car bumper (?sorry didn't get that why there was blood BUT it did make sense to dog's reaction worrying what happened?) and when the dog pushed the ball... would have been much better if it would have been more connected and tight piece.. with some story development integrated into the storyline.. technical: sound track was quite distorted at start

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