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by Hobo Sapiens


A drought of inspiration across the country results in a new profession being created; that of the travelling salesperson of liquid inspiration. Being Nicky Brick of course they don't exactly hit the jackpot selling door to door, and the liquid nature of the product they are selling means that it is all too easily lost. This film came across as low budget but had its moments for example I could see that the team really tried hard to come up with an original concept, and we got into some solid strange dark territory towards the end when a new batch of inspration was being cooked up/flatmate went psycho. More work on the script and a better camera next year would work wonders.

An enjoyable film that certainly had its fun, comedic moments particularly at the end which provided lots of laughs, however this film was about inspiration rather than being inspiring itself which was a bit of a let down for me. Certain production values weren’t executed as well as they could have been, and silliness level of the film was sometimes too much for my tastes. But the characters were consistently funny through out, which over all made this a really fun film.

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