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Face Plant

by Grandma's Nut-Cake 159 views


Jazz singing as a group of friends/associates converge whilst they await Nicky Brick, who they are hoping will have the talent to bring them riches. Nicky is looking to make it big so that she can stop being whore (I apologise if I misheard the lyrics but it seemed to be what she was saying). The original guests of course are obnoxious to the point where there waiter feels he has to do something about it, with dire consequences for Nicky. Looked like the team had fun as they sleazed it up a bit. Tough genre to get for this team as there songs could have done with a lot more work.

Default Avatar meeeeeeeee

Musical is tough, but it seems like Grandma's Nut-Cake enjoyed it by stepping into lowbrow humor and I definitely enjoyed watching. It was rough, but charming and some of the character's motivations were lost on me, but it didn't deter from the spectacle that ensued!

Default Avatar BlueBagel

I'm glad you guys did both singing and dancing. The humour was a little on the brass side for my tastes although I'm sure the rest of the audience would disagree with me by there laughter!

musical about somebody wishing to get some (belly dancing?!) contract or.. as per singer's line "this is my chance" who were signing at places.. in contrast to people singing their lines that were out of sync a bit often at the house where the singer was apparently heading to.. singer's hopes only to trashed by the butler of the house who somehow got the contract.. after singer puking to the leaf at the house.. apparently caused by the stuff butler added to the drink that singer grabbed (looked like accidentally) when coming to the house.. most of the stuff going around was confusing & wasn't very clear for the story.. this would have needed a bit work and could have been much better .. I personally liked the line "Thanks for that bitch I'll be rich" ..

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