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Death of the Twilight Flower

by The Skooter Man Crew 204 views


Promising title but did not quite live up to its promise with music that could have been considerably improved. Perhaps dance next time if you draw the genre of doom? Having said that I had a good hearty laugh at your song about Fruit Loops. The aftermath of an Earthquake leads to NB being in hospital, but she also dreams and has to get away from guys with malicious intentions. There was the opportunity to do a lot more with the parallel worlds but it didn't quite add up.

Trying to do far too much so ended up seeming confused and muddled. The moments of interesting interaction between realities and a few cracker lines - the delivery of 'She'll need a new FACE' was a definite highlight - don't survive the gear-stripping crunch of changes in genre. Also, sound balance issues made the ostensible "songs" almost illegible.

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