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by Eat, Pray, DOOM 102 views


A lot better take on the genre than most of the adult efforts I have seen so far this year, again with a solid script, good pacing and performances and even a really nice twist that actually created the inspiration I was searching for. New workout routine sounds good to our lead actress, who trains rigorously to overcome a personal challenge of climbing a tree that may seem quite straight forward but we actually realise is quite impressive given the situation. Nice workout montage, good little story.

Very well done inspirational! This was one of the few stories I could easily just be sucked in.. I could relate to the lead character well.. to make something happen one would need to push him/herself.. through struggles.. leading to the very well used 'I did that' line.. crowning the whole purpose of this film.. The wheelchair.. was perfect at the end.. made me suddenly realize what the whole struggle was all about.. making the story come together nicely.. Acting was also superb by the lead making it very believable struggle...

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