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Tasty Pain

by The Happy Little Peas


Default Avatar Sambi

What did I tell you last year? Alex does indeed have an amazing variety of voices. xD To begin with; I had a lot of fun watching this. Although I found the twins a little hard to understand at times, they were violent and highly watchable. Although, they killed the monkey-gorilla-ape thing. That is unforgivable! >> Marlina's shocked reaction, when Paige (or someone- I can't quite remember) spat in her face, was hugely authentic. I was impressed. Which probably doesn't surprise you, but meh. What else can I say? The film was highly entertaining, and all actors played their roles well. Troy was a surprisingly effective fat kid. Well done! xD

Wow. That pretty much sums up this film. Very funny, I see you're sticking to the crazy-weird humour that you're good with and the audience love! Hilarious story, great idea, and I must say I loved it.

The audience reaction was hilarious for this one - first few minutes it was "what the...?" and then we all relaxed, settled back and enjoyed ourselves. This was actually very very funny. The story was certainly out there, and it was very brave - I think you pulled it off. Well done. I don't think I really need to say to much except that it was highly amusing. Technically you were very competent as well, I don't really have any bugbears with the film at all. So good job, keep at it. EDIT: This wasn't noticeable in the theatre, but the audio channel is clearly mono and not duplicated in many situations which is very distracting...:(

I think I will be with everyone in saying: wow. Honestly, I would be surprised if you didn't get audience favourite. Absolutely hilarious. But those compliments also come with a "Dafuq?" The strangest film of the night by far. One question I have is: why German accents? Anyway, great film to watch, even if it is crazy.

Once again the 'Happy Little Peas' delivered. A weird, quirky, full of fun and action short film. What a violent group of kids and it was all because of fairybread and parents who hid behind a newspaper and book and had no idea of what the young ones were up to. Love the story line, good job to you all.

Not my cup of tea what-so-ever. German accented children with kiwi parents? Siamese twins joined at the wrist, one girl, one boy? I thought the Von Trapp family would break into song and dance. Sound was inaudible at times. Dafaq? Was all I could say at the end, nobody could like fairy bread that much! But in saying all that. It wasn't terrible. Just not a stand out. It appears you have your fan club though.

Default Avatar ronstiyfigg

Maybe the German children were sent to school in Germany, or maybe they were adopted after their parent died. Maybe that's why they tried to be Siamese twins, to try and cope with the pain. Personally I fell that action is a genre that doesn't need to strictly follow all the rules of reality and that this film was clearly trying not to be too realistic as they did have siblings fighting each other with knifes over fairy bread. And I love fairy bread, ok maybe I wouldn't knife anyone over it but still I would go pretty far for descent food. I thought that the film was great, although my heart did break when they hung that poor monkey, but i as a whole it was so "dafaq" but that made it soooo awesome. Great work guys.

Default Avatar Stuart Rogers

Definitely some funny moments in this film. The hanged gorilla and the hysterical screaming girl were the highlights for me. The images were ok but the audio was not quite up to all of the screaming. Generally I don't mind silly films but this one was a bit beyond me for silliness. It's obvious that you guys enjoy yourselves on set, don't change that. I would recommend playing your characters straight a bit more and unleashing the crazy at the right moment for maximum effect. If some of your characters are going to have a German accent write into the script why they have a German accent. The less time the audience spend asking each other 'Why?' the better.

Default Avatar Libby

What a nutty film. The filming looked fine and the audio was good and yes it did look like you had fun and kept to who you guys are. I remember last year's film you made and enjoyed this one too. Wow you guys have serious issues (joking).

Default Avatar supdadupa

Very entertaining, great sense of humor. I dont understand why some of the "children" had accents. that is all

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