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Sugar Rush

by Babes 692 views


Really good for a first film. Nice fight scenes and music made it into a pretty cool action film. Some of the hand held shots were a little distracting, and the end shot voices were a little hard to hear. But overall a good film.

This was a very good effort, especially for a first time - unfortunately a few crucial areas let it down... Your shots were generally well edited, and camerawork was competent. Your story was quite funny, although it sadly petered out, and relied heavily on a twist which wasn't fully clear to the audience. Handheld motion was a bit distracting at times, remember that what looks fine on the LCD may sometimes not be appropriate to a very large screen... My main bugbear was the sound I'm afraid. Please try and get a proper boom mic, as it makes a lot of difference to sound quality, and will mean we can understand the actors and thus understand the story. This film had some very promising aspects to it, please keep on making film, but I would seriously recommend looking into a boom mic.

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