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Shed out of Luck

by Radial Head 200 views


Default Avatar mitnick2012

I like this film,love your subtle story ,suspense and appetitive ending it is my favorite one!!

Default Avatar brijo247

I really liked the concept, the cinematography, the sound. I really didn't like the exculpatory dialogue. It took away from the tension that was being built (which was otherwise excellent).

Default Avatar loneowl

Superb work. Excellent build-up of tension, only finally relieved with the terrific twist at the end. Great cinematography and really creepy setting added a lot. The dialogue could have been more clever - it was totally expository - but it did develop the bimbo character of the lead actress. I preferred the film without the second (post-credits) twist.

This film started off clunky and rather unnatural, which did detract from the experience, but as it developed it got better and was quite good to watch. Nice use of the found footage genre - she found footage on her phone. Nice creepy setting, but the acting seemed a bit stilted. Nice poke at One Direction, got lots of laughter.

Loved the shots in this film at the start. Credit for trying an interesting interpretation of found footage, but I felt it didn't really pay off. The story was quite clever, but complicated and not always interesting. Like the man's explanation at the end as to why she was there, it was hard to follow, and wasn't clever enough to convince me. Also I didn't get a good impression of who the characters were either.

Default Avatar Jake Vale

Awesome film. Very stylish fast cut intro. the music fitted the mood perfectly. I liked the use of the phone footage and the heli shot you did the genre proud. Excellent twist at the end it kept the audience interested with its intense feel. Favorite film i've seen so far.

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