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by SUITE MADNESS 155 views


This film was quite good, a simple fantasy story and a message about liking yourself, no matter what you are. At the start we were told about loads of magical races in the world, and I was rather disappointed when we didn't meet most of them. The acting was good; but in quite a few forest scenes we couldn't see it because it was much too dark.

Your team intro was epic. I really enjoyed the storyline. It was a basis for a killer adventure. The acting was surprisingly good. I liked the camera movements and angles. Some sound was too loud in places and the later-in-the-day shots were too dark. Look forward to more short films from SUITE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Default Avatar Bone in my beard

Flawed but hopeful supernatural flick. From a difficult birth to maturity the afflicted was rolled into his story too quickly, too easily, and went too dark (literally) to quickly. The two fellas in the bar were great, and the Wizard was cool too. Too many flaws to be take seriously though. The story was good, but perhaps, overly ambitions. I fear it may have had too many cooks and waaaaay too many Stephanie Meyers/Supernatural/Harry Potter influences. While sophisticated, it lost its pitch at the last.

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