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Me, Myself and Urine

by Kamikaze Panda 530 views


Personally I think it is very well made film. Nice camerawork, entertaining and nicely edited. No problem with sound from my perspective view and seriously it really stands out from this heat. Great work and i really liked it :)

Hooked right from the team intro, good use of humor to keep audience interested. Some parts of the story seemed a little forced and could have been told better but nothing major. Technically sound, good cinematography and particularly I couldn't but notice the really natural use of the line "I did that" incorporated appropriately in the dialogue. Simply the best film in the heat and deserves to go up higher.

Default Avatar goodone

Loved it - crazy funny.

Wacky humour - loved the film until the urine came into the scene! That was a bit too far personally, but everything else was good.... audio and cinematography worked well. I particularly enjoyed the Pirate character. The ending worked well, you kept us interested start to finish in an awesomely gruesome way.

Default Avatar FlameThrower

This film was really funny and engaging. It kept me interested (though a little gross at points!). The cinematography and sound were of a high standard and consistent throughout the film. Characters were interesting (and some terrifying). Maybe not a film for everyone but I think it was pretty cool overall:)

Default Avatar Creaturehands

Quirky concept with interesting characters, but the obvious humour with rather dull punch lines left me wanting more than toilet humour.

Default Avatar KahnFilmo

Good film, well shot but content was really crass, toilet humor is too easy.

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