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Dying Antelope

by Team M&M 119 views


Default Avatar Anne Ridgway

I thought the acting, costumes and story line were really good and kept you interested all the way through. One of the best in this session.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

For a tough genre in V48hours they really managed something pretty nice, I like how they took the stereotypical dance movie plot and then played it for humor.

Default Avatar Rob H

good solid plot stuck to the genre well, funny, especially liked the twist of it involving older people, one of whom had a missing leg! good job guys

Default Avatar Brent Loy

Went better than expected! Like how well all of you pulled off playing multiple characters. I think? Were they playing multiple characters? Yeah I'm pretty sure they were!

Default Avatar mac61

Great concept. Love the Grannies dance moves and way the audience inferred that the dying antelope move had been completed. Interesting use of props.

I'm not big on comedy... So it was hard for me to like this. I get it - it's ammusing to see people dress up... I suppose If I ever got something like dance I'd panic as well. (Sorry that came out sounding harsh.... you all looked like you had fun making it - and the Academy audience seemed to like it... kudos.

So one of those lovable New Zealand comedies. Good use of the dance genre, it was nice to see it used as a conceivable plot device rather than just making a film entirely about dancing for no real reason. Great costumes, I thought Fred was particularly well played. Oh man and when that dummy fell on the ground the guy next to me almost screamed

An excellent take on the always terrifying musical/dance genre. Good use of a limited number of actors, done in a way that was just cheesy and self-aware enough and get away with it.

Default Avatar BCC

Our group thought this one was definitely funny and we had all ages watching - and many who actually know about music and dance (so we laughed even harder!). The dummy was cool (could have been a bigger one!). Really entertaining.

Default Avatar Vladimir Romanov

Haha, the people were dancing and it was a riot. I feel like there should have been a warning at the beginning however, the scene with the dummy was quite frightening and unexpected for us oldies. I am an expert on music and dance so I definitely know what I'm talking about.

Default Avatar Antonahilltop

I really liked this- I got pulled along with the story, and felt strong connection with the characters- something many of the other films in this heat lacked! The gentle humour worked well, and the pace was good- it didn't muck around with unnecessary shots or dialogue that didn't advance the story. The only real negative was the lighting- in many shots their faces were lit in a yucky dark yellow colour, which was inappropriate for a light hearted comedy. It could be easily fixed by getting one of those cheap flood lights on a stand from Bunnings etc, and maybe a bounce shield for exterior shots, and also bringing up the brightness/white balance on the camera.

Default Avatar Ritski

Brilliantly done! The plot structure was clear and well executed, reaching a climax of the Dying Antelope and pulling in lots of laughs along the way. Nice work, team.

Default Avatar JC

loved the comedy in this one absolutely felt for the characters and just couldn't stop laughing great work was hoping this one would go through!!

This one worked quite well. It was nothing special, but the comedy was clear and funny, costumes were excellent, and the plot was clear if not spectacular. Acting worked with the style they were going for as well.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

For a tough genre in V48hours they really managed something pretty nice, I like how they took the stereotypical dance movie plot and then played it for humor.

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