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by Justin Thyme Productions 131 views


Default Avatar Howahkan

Pros: I really liked your use of picture in picture to demonstrate the simultanaeous conversations and an appropriate technique for shot-reverse-shot in an online context. I can imagine your lead actually having her own vlog too. Cons: I felt that your on screen graphics were a tad basic considering the digital environment you were otherwise convincingly able to convey. And your 'twist' ending was visible a mile away (even if we secretly hoped we were wrong). Cell phone ring tones: get some less annoying ones.

Default Avatar Bone in my beard

I couldn't write a better review than Howakhan has. This was a delicate operation undertaken, and while competent in your execution (if a little low tech), it was fumbled, and damn, so obvious who did it you might as well have had a text crawl in the lower third (SHE DID IT!) This was, in truth, a thriller, not a horror. Ah well.

A competent film, visually, with a twist which, while fairly obvious, and largely without motivation, works surprisingly well. Nice development of atmosphere, even if the computer interfaces were of an inconsistent standard (some were very nice). A nice, subtle lead performance, and visceral action. As mentioned in another review, the story is more in the vein of a thriller than a horror, but the atmosphere is sufficiently creepy. Aside from a few minor audio issues, a nice film. Make more movies, dudes!

Default Avatar lubergoober

Building on what Bone in my beard said - I feel it was more of a thriller than a horror. But I must say, there's a fine line between the two (and horror can't always be asserted by copious amounts of blood and gore, etc.) But I was impressed by some of the cinematography in here; it definitely gave the film a technologically-focused feel. Also, I liked Bobbie's somewhat menacing / confrontational vibe - nice. Well done, guys!

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