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Last Stand

by Shattersplint Productions 442 views


Last Stand did pretty well with their two songs, the second being particularly funny thanks in part to what I thought was an honest attempt at a singing, dancing, fight scene. The narrative arc was a simple reversal but it played nicely thanks to the effort the team put in to it. I could be wrong here as my more technical friend pointed out, but one thing I'd recommend for Shattersplint (and a couple of other teams from this heat) to check out is how to de-interlace your films, The horizontal lines you saw while characters move or the camera pans are a result of interlacing, and while you cut the resolution of your image through de-interlacing the end result looks much better for it.

Default Avatar Yeon Kim

it should've been a tough genre but you pulled out a good one. I liked watching it!

Default Avatar Rising Sun Comics

Great story, nice delivery and the last song and dance, fight routine was awesome. Well done.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

There were some major sound and interlacing problems with this film that made it hard to get into as it was so distracting. It was a bit short on story but then musicals don't often involve really complicated twists/arcs. A nice attempt overall.

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