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Default Avatar Murray Douglas

acting was a bit rough and the film was a bit simplistic, but as a comedy piece, there were a few good gems in it. :-D

This film had some great moments, and was fantastic in its absurdity. A police officer gets framed for robbery in retaliation for a childhood act of bullying. He and his partner break into the accuser's house in order to find evidence that he was framed. There were some great moments and some very silly moments in this film. I loved the use of the wire and the sheer absurdity of their escape from the house. The ending was rather abrupt, which was really in the same style of comedy as the rest of this film, and worked well. Overall it was a simple piece, but effective and amusing. It could have had a bit more meat to it, but I don't think it suffered too much because of it. There were some fantastic camera shots and some good acting, and it came together nicely.

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