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Bobbie PiN

by D.E.R.P. Productions 473 views


Default Avatar Slimer

That was quite cute, I admit it.

So, the first thing I have written down on my review sheet is "The main character is a man after my own heart. I want a moat". Of course, the second thing, written after seeing the mask, was "HOLY JESUS WHAT IS THAT THING?" (I later realized it was Yoda). After a good start with the character getting my sympathies, the film remained solid. There was some nice camera work, plenty of amusing moments, and the young girl did a great job. The flashback made me laugh a lot, too. Nice work.

Default Avatar EMP

I liked this one, it was well made. A genuine rom-com, well done! I loved the primary school 'Cockburger' sequence, classic! And the Eminem guy humping the pool table. And in the end real chemisrty between all the characters and especially between the main guy and gal. Keep it up.

Default Avatar Quos

I loved the opening scene. From that point onwards I kind of felt like the plot had been lost. However, I did laugh. A lot.

Default Avatar filimgurl

Over the top in places, which was perfect. Genuinely funny sequences, great writing and delivery from the young actor- loved her lines and delivery!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

I really enjoyed this rom-com. There were some fantastic flashbacks to the bully scenes and I loved his barcode collection. All the usual things you expect in a rom-com and one extra long scene of a guy making faux love to everything he could even after the guy he was demonstrating to had left (hilarious!). I thought it was also well acted, nothing over the top or soppy. A possible finalist, but I have missed a few heats. My two favourite lines in this were 'I want a digger' and 'you're a shit therapist.' Classic stuff.

I'd like to give major kudos to the cast and crew of this film. Having only gotten together a week before the competition and some members only met for the first time on the Friday of the contest, there was awesome chemistry. Brad Smith played Michael Cockburger perfectly. And his contribution in the writing was genius, "I want to build a moat" and the whole barcode collector thing was inspired. Lisa TeBrake made a delicious leading lady as well as her organizing skills as the producer of the film. I'm honored to have been a part of this team. Thanks to everyone for your awesome reviews!!!

Everyone loved it and I too, had a hard time not finding it charming. Was worried that it was going too mockumentary, but I really enjoyed a few bits of it. Acting was mostly so good that it was invisible and of course the flashback scene was good. Costume party scene didn't work so well for me but the bar scene was executed perfectly. Nice work guys!

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