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Somebody Someone Dragnew

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Critical Mass

This film was let down by some big sound issues. The story was also a bit thin. Good use of some neat, but subtle, visual effects, though.

Fad Bust

My first thought about this film was that the sound was kind of terrible. But then, by a few minutes in, I was laughing so much that I didn't care anymore. A lot of great moments, an excellent ending, and some clever writing made this one of the best films of the night. I initially though that "What have you got?" was being overused, but then it was turned into a joke and realized that was the point, and so I felt like a bit of an idiot. The camera was overly shaky at times- a bit too much, I think. But, again, it didn't really detract from my enjoyment of the film. Good work.

Unspecified Search Engine

It's a pity this one was disqualified. I really liked it. The writing was good, there were a bunch of laughs (I particularly liked the Unspecified Search Engine), and most of the actors turned in good performances. I'm not too sure why there was a scene on a spinny-roundabout thing (What are they actually called?), but it gave us some laughs, so that's okay. I did think the compulsory line was used poorly, but that's just a minor niggle. I vaguely remember a couple of sound problems at times too, but, again, quite minor.

Bobbie PiN

So, the first thing I have written down on my review sheet is "The main character is a man after my own heart. I want a moat". Of course, the second thing, written after seeing the mask, was "HOLY JESUS WHAT IS THAT THING?" (I later realized it was Yoda). After a good start with the character getting my sympathies, the film remained solid. There was some nice camera work, plenty of amusing moments, and the young girl did a great job. The flashback made me laugh a lot, too. Nice work.

Playin' the Game

I liked the opening shot, it was done really well. A lot of the acting was above average, and the camera work was, on the whole, very good- I liked the abundance of closeups, and felt they worked well with the feel you guys were going for. I always enjoy it more when people pull off a (mostly) serious film, and you guys did. I think the ending was a little confused, but I think I got it- no one killed her, and it was all an accident, yeah?

Last Chapter First

Yes, I know it's unfair to review my own work, but fie to that. I think it would have been a lot better if we'd had time to add the score, and make the typewriter go 'ding' at the end of the film, during the freeze frame, but I was pleased with the movie anyway. And it was fun making it. Very proud of my team.

The Vocation

I quite enjoyed this one. The main character was pretty well written and acted and the camera work was above average. I did sort of wonder what the point of the movie was, and I don't really think the story went anywhere. Also, I thought the execution scene in the middle, with the gentleman and his dog, was also a little pointless. Despite that, I did enjoy the film a lot. Definitely a solid effort.