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Somebody Someone Emma Oof Waipouri

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First thoughts are that i enjoyed the sequencing between the book and the (i'm guessing) flashbacks to the scenes of the gruesome murders. Soundtrack really served this opening part of the film well. I was let down at the lack of story, characterstion and a clear connection between the current holder of the book and the 'Heartless' killer. Also, the V/O was weak as was a lot of the sound (which if done correctly could have bumped up the film majorly) but none the less, what was inaudible was fairly important to the story so a lot was lost due to bad sound, missing out on an attempt at a circular narrative with "I never used to be this heartless" Overall, the film had a lot of potential but was squandered away in the details of the film. P.S brilliant use of prop as the calling card - very creative. Good stuff