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Somebody Someone richardfwalley

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This was a good fun watch. A lot of entertaining elements that didn't quite add up for me - e.g. it would have been great to have the character's somewhat roundabout approach to problem solving drive the plot a little more, and the toast party was random fun, but didn't quite go anywhere (and was a little long for my taste). But nonetheless, a lot of hard work and great ideas packed into a short space.

Stealing Thoughts

Neat and unnerving ending to the movie, and good buildup, although maybe a bit on the long side. Nice concept though. Not entirely sure where the other dimension came into it, but that seems a wee bit quibbly.

No Pain No Train

Good fun silly animation, but maybe a little light on plot / concept. Hilarious gags, but maybe a bit more like a string of gags than a film. Still enjoyed it.

Bloody Breadsticks

Great fun film. Positively reveled in the low-budget tack, and was all the better for it. Thoroughly enojyed it.