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No Pain No Train

by Readers' Wives 196 views


Default Avatar RamblingScot

Always a favourite, Readers' Wives again didn't disappoint keeping their short animation about a model railway vlogger on the right side of wrong. Great animation. No punches pulled.

Good fun silly animation, but maybe a little light on plot / concept. Hilarious gags, but maybe a bit more like a string of gags than a film. Still enjoyed it.

Default Avatar Bette Cosgrove

Full marks for tackling any genre with animation. .purely for the mammoth effort it requires to get any drawn animation down on film in just 48 hours..well done. I kept anticipating a funky little cartoon treat..but was disappointed. I have to ask why the random gratuitous sex and porn gags ? They just seemed to be an ill fitting filler ?

Classic 48 hours fever dream feel, but the animation felt a little lazy and the story was non-existent. Not good enough animation to be interesting, not good enough of a story to be forgivable.

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