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No Strings Attached

by Contrast


That freaky lil puppet can go to hell.. But this film can go to finals in my opinion.

So.. apparently there are multiple puppet films with the same/similar names and this review is for someone else.

HOWEVER, I have now seen this film and loved it. Another quirked up puppet film where no-one seems to think the puppets amoung them are particularly out of place.

There are not many sock-puppet-fantasy-lovers-on-the run films, so this one breaks new ground.
I liked the aesthetic and storytelling throughout.
To get an emotional reaction to sock puppets is not the easiest, yet in this film, they achieved it on many occasions.
Nice film, great work.

I was really looking forward to seeing the Contrast film and I'm glad I tracked it down in the heats! I'm also from a large team who drew "animal adventure" and I was really curious to see your approach. The result? A bit light, but very lovely. Some notes, in the hope this is useful:

I thought the puppeteer in the white trousers could have been hidden better with costume-changes, misdirection or other blocking.

There was some really nice sound-design so I think voicing the puppets might have been an option! And I think the romance was a bit simplistic - with better pacing in the party scenes there would have been more time to tell a deeper central story, or to resolve or develop stories about the "friend" characters introduced at the start.

With a lot of charm, beautiful lighting and seemingly a big team having a great time, this was a very pleasant watch!

(PS probably Bob has the hairiest back, no?)

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