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Jig's Up

by AuroraVision

A fast-talking mobster attempts to convince his torturers that he has become an immortal being.


This was the first splatter film that I saw in the competition, and it delivered with gruesome and well-timed torrents of blood! Gross, but in the best way possible. Great story and edit with a varied set of locations and a charismatic cast. I especially enjoyed the lead actor's performance! Unfortunately the audio mix made this film quite tough to hear at times, so make sure to boost the volume and keep quiet to capture all the goodness.

I agree with Luke great movie, and I loved watching but had trouble hearing some off it but great movie

AuroraVision consistently delivers on the cinematography and brings to the table some of the best VFX in a 48 setting. This story was really wonderfully anchored by a strong, committed lead performance and a nice twist ending that pulled the heart strings. Really fantastic work AuroraVision - you keep getting better and better!!!

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