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Happy CamperZ

by Return of the Swamp King

When Gen Z go camping, anything can go wrong.


omg!! this was so fun to watch! everyone did such a great job on this film <3<3<3

An Intriguing story of how camping can go very wrong.
Just when you thought things were going okay, everything went wrong.
Well done everyone definitely worth my vote.

What a fantastic short film, bloody hilarious, I was in stitches! So typical of GenZ today. Such a fitting song too. All the best!

OMG what a well scripted short SPLATTER movie. GEN Z all splattered themselves within 3 minutes, which could quite easily happen to this generation of misfits. I thought the original score / song and lyrics matched the scenes very well. Large scary rabbit at the end made me laugh, freaky BUNNY! AWESOME JOB!

Nails the genre.
This film does what it says on the tin.
An intriguing plot that twists the expectations.
The special FX crew clearly had a blast and the film benefits as a result.

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