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Toot Toot's Biggest Fantasy Movie

by Toot Toot

What it says on the box, really


Toot Toot has done it again with their finest and most laboured pun yet - a pun that suggests a cavalier approach to genre, but which belies the fact that the film still totally satisfies its genre despite its mundane setting. Even if you don't get the in-jokes, the film would still work. (I think. I know the in-jokes so I can't really comment.)

Anyone sick of white-walled Christchurch houses, this is the film for you.

A sure winner of Best Match Cut. Surely.

No better way to watch this film than during the Christchurch heats. Truly a film of our times.

This film does what so many try but ultimately fail to do. It is both entertaining AND educational.

I particularly liked the PSA about the number 15 bus. Now that I know its ticket price and frequency, I'll be sure to visit New Brighton in the near future to scatter my own wife's ashes.

What I liked:
Hilarious. Perfect palate cleanser at the end of the comp. I think for this reason Toot Toot should be in the city finals every year but unfortunately I am but one judge.

What I didn't like:
I guess what I didn't like is seeing Toot Toot's inherently low-fi vision falling through the cracks of the judging process. I think no one hated this film, it just feels weird to rank it above other films which are perhaps more... sincere? Toot Toot's future is up to Toot Toot, but my only suggestion to get them back into the regular finalist rotation would be to keep the silliness but amp up the technical side of your next film so that it can't be ignored.

Something else I liked:
I love seeing Michael be creative like this - especially in what almost looks like a relatively solitary effort. I feel like I'm seeing a new creative side to him and it's always a joy.

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