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Stage Fright

by B1 Studios


Really sweet film that executes well on its premise. The film hinges on a strong and committed lead performance and energetic camera work which helps keep a strong pace.
I guess it could have used some more curated, dramatic lighting, but environments and tone are established effectively without it.

very fun and cool watch! had moments that emulated such classic comedic spongebob vibes that i loved and had me rolling

What I liked:
The not-so-subtle referencing of Scooby Doo was so bizarre but made the film a lot richer - the fact that you were playing it safe in the parody department out of copyright strike fear, it made the film feel like an homage to Scooby Doo more than a spoof, and that is a fairly rare and puzzling thing to see in 48Hours haha.

What I didn't like:
I think what's missing from his team is a DoP - something I noticed was not credited, so perhaps the film was shot by whoever wasn't acting in that scene at the time - but I think someone dedicated to capturing all this creativity would elevate the whole film. The film as it stands doesn't look terrible - but it doesn't stand out either.

Something else I liked:
I really liked that you cast someone from a different age group as the director character - other teams would just go with their oldest looking peer. My fav bit was when the monster pinched her and it was shot so slowly and got all weird - someone very funny is directing this. I'd love to see more of this outside weirdness in your next film.

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