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by Robson's Film Class


Hilarious, love the absurdist humour.

Awesome!!! loved it. Such a simple quirky idea and was loads of fun to watch!

I loved this one, hilarious

What I liked:
Super super funny. Genuinely like half a dozen of the best jokes or gags of the year in this film - a real sleeper hit.

What I didn't like:
A little rough around the edges and a little crass in some parts - reminded me explicitly of Aunty Donna and especially their tea and biscuits sketch. Did I catch you out? Hahah. I think this team shows a lot of promise with their comedic chops, it might just be a case of maturing into the craft (not maturing the humour though!)

Something else I liked:
I do wish we got more 48Hours films that were less structured stories and more their weird meandering character studies. Great job,

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