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by Kaiju Eiga


"KillJoy or The Wrecking Class goes to Heaven"
Made with a small crew of 5, this is a comedy about a serial killer arriving in Heaven and struggling with the consequences this entails. Enjoy!

Fun little concept here that starts really well - great match-cut and then some really nice establishing shots in heaven. The frustration of the serial killer with his new surroundings and the people in it builds nicely through some fun comic sequences. The audio mix struggles a bit at times, battling with the windy afternoon but overall the technical side of this short is fairly competent. For me, I would have liked to hear more from the serial killer in terms of dialogue and driving the story from earlier in the film. It's not until near the end that we get a bit of a hear to heart. We met a collection of characters, mostly there to annoy, but it would have been great to know more about our main character. A bit split on the end message - so ultimately he was just doing God's work?

Overall, well put together and a heap of fun. I look forward to seeing it at the heats.

What I liked:
Fun concept - a little morbid, but he gets what he deserves.

What I didn't like:
Found it hard to believe rural New Zealand as a stand-in for Heaven, I'd encourage you to be more creative in this department because a good location can make or break a film.

Something else I liked:
The acting was so bizarre in places that it really just ended up working for the overall package.

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