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A Bear-y Emotional Adventure

by Teapot Productions

A recluse spends his days at home, going on imaginary adventures with his teddy bear Pierre. One day, he is forced to go outside, which he considers to be the most challenging adventure of his life.


What I liked:
The interaction with the neighbour felt so otherworldly - not sure if this was the intention but it really put me in the hero's shoes!

What I didn't like:
I think the daily activities our hero got up to with his teddy were charming but a little dull - could have been cool to zhuzh up the sequence of events a bit.

Something else I liked:
The final couple of shots as the teddy watched his pal leave - so well told, and a succesful connection of audience with character, and in this case, a character who isn't even alive. Well done!

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