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An Extra Shot

by Kitty Cat Crew


A group of daughters experiment with making Mum young again for a day. It was so good to see so many young teams this year, and this team did not disappoint. I have to say they did a very good job of including the required elements as part of the story, the wind was done well, as were the laughter and double take. Great concept for a short film, and it was cool to see that you ventured out and filmed in a range of locations. Loved the driving scene, haha. And also the ingredients of the adult smoothie! Editing and other technical skills develop over time but this was an awesome effort in terms of story telling and performance by these guys. Oh and well done to 'mum' for acting in 2 films that weekend!

Default Avatar 4Mary

The concept of this short was great. Making a milk shake with the French dictionary, I expected her to speak in French when she woke up. You could feel the fun that you all had making it. I hope you enter again next year.

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