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The Unfortunate Mr Whiskers

by Banana Soup


Default Avatar MistaTeas

When Mr Whiskers' girl is killed he goes back in time to try and save her. A nice short animation here with a bittersweet ending. Simple in its approach, it's also ultimately effective in delivering what it set out to do. Perhaps we could have seen more of the relationship between the cats or more difficulty with the time-travel to give the film a little more depth. That said, I love that it's such a tight story.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

This was a nice little animation. Kept things simple, perhaps a shade on the side of too simple, but there was no bloat whatsoever. The animation itself was not especially technical, but they leaned into that and didn't over-reach and it payed off. Time travel films are a magnet for confusing story and while there was a bit of backstory that could possibly have been added, there was no trouble following the characters through the time jumps. It was a fun, sad story!

I appreciate the difficult, time consuming elements of animation and it's something I wish I could do. That said I didn't really get anything out of the story, it was too brief and simplistic, the minimal length left little scope for developing anything. Cute cat poster might attract some cat lovers who might be shocked by the gory deaths.

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