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by Jovial Entertainment


Great, another Superb film from the Jovial crew, my favourite of the night. Great use of the split screen as the members of the gang are planning their heist and it taking place at the same time. i loved the purple colours and cinematography very much. the time travel gag was well done, and it gave the audience the ''click'' moment. ah i get it. nice characters that were simple and easy to identify by either costume, mannerisms or personalities. the ending part even though it took a moment to realise, did feel very quick, and perhaps a cool effect could have been added. but maybe the simple approach was the right one. hope to see this in the finals.

Default Avatar JoshuaMartian

Amazing lighting and cinematography! The story itself, including the ending was somewhat lost on me until a friend explained it to me afterwards but there fun character moments throughout that made it fun to go with. Clearly a lot of talent in-front-of and behind the camera.

Default Avatar Dane Jacobs

On a technical level, everything was super slick. Really impressed with the use of split screen, must be a real head-spinner to figure that stuff out in editing while sleep-deprived! I think the story lost a little bit of the punch behind all the technical wizardry unfortunately... didn't find it quite as funny/entertaining as usual, but that's only relative to the high standards we're used to seeing from Jovial: it was still a super fun watch!

A fantastic use of split-screen and heist genre, which was beautifully subverted for some great action and comedy. I did however, get a little lost at the end, as it was unclear to me why they failed. She killed the rich guy? Does that mean they couldn’t steal what they were looking for? - maybe we needed to see more of their goal, as I can’t recall what it was they were even trying to achieve. And while I did like the way you sneakily included time travel, part of me also wishes you’d used split-screen to your advantage to make an actual time travel movie, although that would mean a totally different film. I suppose you went with plan B.

Default Avatar Nathanl127

No one seems to mention that the dialogue audio was a bit off from the get go, I felt like this could've gone a long way. Great story and great use of split screen, must've taken a mastermind to plan, shoot and compile all of that.

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