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Degree of Difficulty

by Get In Behind


Default Avatar CatFan

A little girl learns how to travel in time, and attempts to change her future in order to help her elderly self. This was a big story to try and conquer in 5 minutes, but this team gave it their all. Some of the shot choices were sort of flat, and the audio and performances could've used some work - but the kids were very cute and I loved that the little girl had a clear goal which she achieved. The old lady's fourth wall break was excellent, but just seeing her sitting their smiling was an excellent ending.

Default Avatar Bunnrey

Give that old lady all the Oscars. I will not forget that preformance in a hurry. A good premise but ambitious for 5 minutes - two different time periods started to get confusing. Kids were great together, I would've loved to have seen them together looking at their future selves. Fun, with a big scope and a positive message - drop that deadbeat bf while you can!

Struggled to really engage with the story, was a bit much of a chick flick for my tastes although I could sense a better film trying to break out. Good on you for attempting Ultra, but noticed it wasn't all split screen.

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