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by Oddball Studios


A nicely done 'try that again' time-travel short with a solid lead performance. Some very cool camera tricks present, especially in that initial bathroom scene. Had the friendship been further developed and the consequences of constant travel been teased (rather than just vaguely explained through a line of dialogue), it would have given the ending much more of an emotional effect. A very good effort.

Default Avatar Navi Collaborative

Great little film with a fun interpretation on time travel. Loved the bathroom scene, very impressive and effective use of the physical element. Would have loved a little less exposition in the audition monologue but thought it was a well executed short.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Cool use of time-travel in this that allowed our lead to show her range in some terrible and ultimately excellent auditions. I liked the overall look of this short and certainly the location helped. As Liam mentioned above we don't get anywhere near enough about the relationship between the two friends nor the consequences of over use of time-travel. I suppose there is an element of sacrifice in this but we don't get any real indication as to the motivation for it. Great job overall and as this is my 1000th review on this site I'm celebrating by giving you 7-stars!

Love seeing creative uses of genre like this. As others have said there was the friendship aspect which was a bit underdeveloped but it's hard to do a lot in the time limit. Potential for a great longer film here, didn't see the ending coming at all.

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