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The Lamentable Tragedy of Charlie Flower

by The Dandy Lions 272 views


Default Avatar Heather ladell

(a biased re/view) I really liked your story. Is he a sacred fool, an idiot savant, Jesus accepting his fate? I liked how you set up Charlie's character at the beginning, and your use of contrast and the unreliable narrator. I loved his willful adherence to his worldview despite all evidence to the contrary. I also like that the genre is "lovers on the run"-- poor Charlie thinks he is a lover, but doesn't know that he is on the run (but should be running the other way). The flowers are beautifully framed, as was the shot of Kaz on the phone. The bad guys were Very Scary.

Default Avatar Andrew Ginther1

Lots to praise in this short. Story starts well, the voice over from Charlie as the naive would be lover builds to the tragic conclusion at the hands of very well portrayed Russian mafia. The use of the flowers as a prop was an excellent device and some great acting too. Deserved to win the schools heat.

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