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Last Chance Charlie

by Wiz Kids 84 views


How you managed to get DQ'd with a film schools worth of resources behind you is beyond me, but your film turned out okay in the end(certainly better than our student effort back in the day). I'm not convinced you made a Rom com since it wasn't a romantic relationship but there were some really nice moments(usually involving spaghetti). Next year you will get it in time and probably make something better, I look forward to it.

Default Avatar cooma

Not quite a RomCom, but it was funny. Unfortunately disqualified but there's potential. A team for the future for sure

Default Avatar DuncanPacey

Real shame about the disqualification, because this was a funny flick. The use of the prop integrates naturally into the bizarre story, but the adherence to the genre was questionable. Advice to the filmmakers: Whatever happened that got you disqualified, don't do that again. If you come back next year, and I sincerely hope you do because I love a good laugh, really read the genre description on the 48Hour website and try stick to it. Subverting or doing weird things only works if it still stays within the bounds of the genre.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

Once again, I don't find myself in agreement with the other reviewers on the genre. This definitely wasn't a traditional rom-com, but I don't know if I'd swear blindly that the relationship wasn't romantic. It would be a twisted, repressed kind of romance, but there seemed to be something there that said more than just 'I like working here'. I'm sad the team got disqualified as I thought this was one of the strongest in the heat (as is often the case). The two actors were great, the lead in particular and the whole thing was wonderfully silly without being stupid. I want to watch it again!

Default Avatar pinkelephant

I muttered to my partner after this film finished "my favourite of the night so far". if the reason you were disqualified was because of the genre then I am so sorry for you guys, really loved this flick. Funny, good story, good ending (though I was hoping to see the boss walk in wearing the sweater at the end), comedic timing was excellent which is credit to the actors and editors. Use of prop was nice, and always credit for dog use.

Default Avatar Kartini Clarke

Definitely one of my favourites of the night. This made me laugh so hard.

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

I was a little surprised it was DQ'd - I'm guessing because of the genre (which, to be fair, is probably a good reason). But I thought the idea was funny, the execution solid, and there were plenty of great moments stuffed into the few minutes you had to play with. If the genre was the problem, I would say to just make sure you've satisfied that in your planning before moving on to writing the script.

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