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Charity Run

by Viva La Dirt League 22,563 views


Probably the best shot film of the heat, packed with gags and good performances. Using the required line twice was a mistake because the first time it was used was super weak, but the second time was perfect. The start was a bit slow and the hero of the story isn't at likeable at the start so it's a little harder to get into than it should have been, but as soon as the charity man turned up the whole audience was in.

Default Avatar cooma

The beginning was a little clumsy, crowbarring in the required elements in quick succession, however all is forgiven once the story kicks off. Excellent performances, plenty of laughs and beautifully shot. Nice

Default Avatar pinkelephant

A strong film, I agree that the elements were just a bit too clumsily shoved in at the start but that's the only thing to fault. Well shot, well acted particularly by both men, I loved the self awareness shot with the two lovers back to back circling. And the ending was superb! The charity man made some great faces as well

Default Avatar DuncanPacey

I had high expectations for this team having seen some of their other work, so I was worried I couldn't possibly be delighted. Thankfully, I was amused just I was hoping for. The film doesn't start off strong, with dodgy sound and some pretty clunky elements. Then Earth Vision guy turns up and everything gets beautifully out of control! Basically, this is a film with three distinct parts. The first might worry you. The final two are superb. Fantastic acting all round, unique use of the genre and a happy feeling in your cheeks by the end.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

A well shot, well acted, tedious film. OK, maybe I'm being too harsh. Some of the film was great, I'd just seen it before. A lot. And this is clearly a team with some miles behind them, so it's not unfair to hold them to a higher standard. In all honesty, if the charity worker hadn't been performed so amazingly creepily (seriously, I had chills), then I think the film would have been completely forgettable. The biggest problem for me was that they pushed the joke too far. The super actiony camera sweeps in the park just felt forced and then the self parodying move on top of that was even more so. The team had the beginnings of a cool idea but just couldn't get it to the next level it needed to be at to really shine. You guys have skills. Don't settle for the obvious! The banter at the end was great though.

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

Quite possibly my favourite film of this heat - I thought the idea was really funny, the execution near perfect, and the ending inspired. Great work, team!

Default Avatar film addiction

fun yet very simple, did I miss who was Chalrlie and the line one more time? I don't know the elements didnt really stand out for me

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