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Cabin Fever

by Cinetrance 675 views


Default Avatar Suavio

Not as good as last year's film and generally expected a little more from this very large and well funded team. Rom Com is hard to pull off, and from that perspective it was good, and it got a few laughs from the audience. Technically well put together.

I hated this film. Because it was so freaking pitch perfect. It had a great confidence of genre, great cast, great visuals, great music and some amazing scenery. The story needed a bit of tweaking, but this is 48 hours so we often see a first draft quality script which this felt like. But it was a solid story with some great comedy. Shame we couldn't vote for this one. I probably would have voted more than for my own film. I like this that much. :)

This was a very well shot film, awesome cinematography, awesome lighting, awesome framing, awesome scenery. The idea for the story was good, but the execution was a bit awkward. The acting had its ups and downs, and there were some funny lines of dialogue but a few beats felt confusing. Why was the wife not speaking? Was she just not speaking to Harper? All in all, I'd say you guys have your techincal side completely down pat, focus a little more on the writing and characterization, and I think you'll fly.

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